Catherine Chen

Sydney Escort


When Catherine came into our HQ and asked for a job we asked her the usual – why?  She responded by telling us about the dream she had the previous night.  For whatever reason she told me I was the man in her dream.  We recorded it and here is the transcript:

I will get on all fours to be better positioned for your pleasure. I use one hand to steady myself and the other to play with your balls which causes you to harden to rock in my mouth. My mouth takes the full length so your cock head hits the back of my throat with every thrust. You pull my hair and slam my face into your pelvis over and over again. and when his hands aren’t molesting my tits he’s got his hands in my hair and forcing my head back and forth off of him.


It’s now all about the head of your cock right down my throat. That’s where you enjoy the most suction, the tightest sensation, the most friction – and the fact it makes me choke so violently and loudly around you. I’m struggling to breathe – does that turn you on? I gasp breaths any time I can but it never seems I get enough air. Nothing exists now apart from your cock and making it feel good and that, in turn, is really turning me on.


It’s not long now until the final stiffening of your large cock deep in my mouth, and you’re holding my head still as you grunt. The sensation of you’re your hot cum down my throat is enough to give me an orgasm alone.

Anyway, she got the job and is desperate for you to book her right away.  She has endless fantasies to be fulfilled and you may be the right guy to do it.  Call or message us now 0410 490 568.

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